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We are very proud to present our company Filati Biagioli Modesto committed to the manufacture of high quality carded natural yarns since the beginning of the last century.

An excellence we offer to the world of high fashion to create sophisticated knitting and weaving creations.

Our yarns are created only with fibres of excellence; cashmere, silk, camel, angoras, alpaca, linen, extra-fine merino, all carefully selected in the country of origin and entirely manufactured at our facilities in Italy.

The entire production cycle is carried out in full compliance with the European regulations in terms of safety and environmental compatibility.

The safety of our workers and the environment’s respect are constantly part of the products’ route to the end user.

Sustainability is a priority within our company since the beginning. The latest consideration that Filati Biagioli demonstrated to our world is taking part to Detox Project.

Designing a yarn is a very special moment at Filati Biagioli Modesto. A moment when the emotions become the driving and creative force. This vast experience, in all stages of processing, accumulated over nearly a century of history, has always been handed down from generation to generation and preserved in important archives like those of our dyeing department that contain thousands of colour recipes. During all these years we have carried on R&D activities aiming to highlight all the features of pure cashmere as well as the other noble fibres used to create our yarns. Always attentive to the needs of changing markets.

Holding strong these values, we are indispensable partners of customers looking for differentiation and an almost customised service. Our craft conception of the yarn is enhanced by the support of our industrial facilities that gives us the possibility to turn ideas into cashmere yarns ready to be used in the manufacturing of end products.

Made in Italy is our inexhaustible heritage of creativity and an ongoing monitoring of all stages of production that always lead to the achievement of Filati Biagioli Modesto’s main target: a top quality product made with noble fibres and in particular with 100% cashmere.

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