The company

The quality you can’t do without

For many years now the Filati Biagioli Modesto company has specialised in the manufacture of carded yarns. Because it oversees the entire process of transformation from fibre to yarn, it can guarantee that all of its clients receive excellent quality products 100% Made in Italy.

Having become an inexhaustible asset of creativity and innovation, in step with the high fashion market trends, it obtains yarns that are unique throughout the world.

Now more than ever, production capable of bringing together innovation with sustainability has become a key element in a cutting edge company such as Filati Biagioli.

Indeed, the company’s constant research in and production of yarns are performed in an environmentally friendly way and represent fundamental factors in guaranteeing the excellent quality of its products.

In addition to having its own research laboratory, the company is actively engaged in various projects aimed at reducing waste and its environmental impact.

Handicraft, technology and sustainability are the all-important values that guide this century-old family company and that have made it into a world leader in the manufacture of carded yarn.

Did you know that…

Filati Biagioli Modesto was the first yarn spinning company to use the 2/28000 yarn count in the world of cashmere.
That was back in 1965, and to this day this type of yarn is the one most commonly used in the world of cashmere knitting/weaving.

Dyeing department: from raw to coloured yarn

The Dyeing department at Filati Biagioli Modesto was created to meet the need of maximum control over the quality of the products, to achieve total freedom of yarn experimentation and sublimation.

The 3,000 m2 of the plant host the activities of fibre and yarn dyeing as well as the special treatment of finished products.

Years of research, staff know-how and qualification have allowed us to rethink colour recipes, mix the elements and fibres, and reach the heart more than the mind.