Precious Fibres and Yarns

A voyage to the Far East

Valorization and research have always been the two cornerstones of Filati Biagioli, a constant commitment that has been conducted personally by Modesto Biagioli, the company’s founder, who went on a trip that led him to the Far East.

The precious coat


Cashmere, the golden fibre of the textile world, has unique properties. It is obtained by combing the fleece of Hircus goats that live on the plateaux of Asia. The best quality Cashmere is produced in the regions of the Helan Mountains, Ningxia, Chinese Mongolia and in the desert areas of the Mongolian People’s Republic. In order to be able to survive the cold temperatures of those lands, this animal has developed a very soft and very fine undercoat underneath thicker and coarser guard hairs. This undercoat, also known as Duvet, is cashmere. The Duvet acts as a veritable heat insulator, a fibre that is closely linked to the hard climatic conditions in which the animal lives. Video


Our angora wool is combed by hand when the animal spontaneously sheds, so as to obtain the best length and sheen of this very fine fibre. Video

Australian Merino Wool

White, soft and more precious than other wools, it is used in thin fineness grades to obtain the best mixes with other noble fibres, such as to blend their individual qualities.


Filati Biagioli selects the best Mulberry silk. Thanks to it having regular, even and resistant filaments, it has all the right characteristics for being blended with cashmere.


Harmony and production: gathering Cashmere

In Mongolia, where the Hircus goats live, the life style and the harmony between man and nature are fundamental characteristics. An extraordinary relationship binds these animals, that carry such preciousness on their backs, with their breeders who consequently have developed a gathering process, almost a ritual, that has been repeated every year for centuries.

The procedure starts with the shedding of the wool during the Moulting Season and continues with the gathering of the duvet by combing the goats there where the fibres are denser, more compact and softer.
The processing of this noble Fibre initially began in the Indian region of Kashmir that gave the ‘golden thread’ its name. Later on, the processing and gathering was moved to the oriental regions of Mongolia but the original name of the product was kept.

From the Orient to Tuscany

A yarn mill founded on selection and passion

The work of research and valorization conducted by Filati Biagioli has allowed us to maintain very high quality standards over time and to recognise, appreciate and most importantly select only the very best quality fibres.

For this reason, every batch arriving from the Far East is analysed and selected before being sent on to our production chain.